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Carbon fiber production process

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Carbon fiber can be made by carbonizing polyacrylonitrile fiber, pitch fiber, viscose fiber or phenolic fiber. The most commonly used carbon fibers are mainly polyacrylonitrile carbon fibers and pitch carbon fibers. The manufacture of carbon fiber includes four processes: fiber spinning, thermal stabilization (pre-oxidation), carbonization and graphitization. The accompanying chemical changes include dehydrogenation, cyclization, pre-oxidation, oxidation and deoxygenation.

Hummer carbon fiber cloth  Carbon fibers with high mechanical properties made of viscose fibers must be stretched and graphitized at high temperatures. The carbonization yield is low, the process is difficult, and the equipment is complicated. This product is mainly used for ablation-resistant materials and thermal insulation materials; carbon fiber is made of asphalt, with abundant raw materials and high carbonization rate. However, due to the complex preparation of raw materials and low product performance, large-scale development has not yet been made. High-performance carbon fibers can be made from polyacrylonitrile fiber precursors. The production process is simpler than other methods. Since the 1960s, it has excellent performance and has developed well in the carbon fiber industry.

The production of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber mainly includes two processes: raw silk production and raw silk carbonization.

The production process of raw silk mainly includes the processes of polymerization, degassing, metering, spinning, drawing, washing, oiling, drying, and receiving.

The carbonization process mainly includes wire feeding, pre-oxidation, low-temperature carbonization, high-temperature carbonization, surface treatment, sizing and drying, and winding and winding processes.
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